Monday, December 24, 2007

tick tick tick

Remember the tick tick tick? It blew tonight at my house. Everybody feeling kind of edgy about all the togetherness and scheduled events when we're used to living our own lives on our own schedules. Too much sugar and for some a bit of a big head this morning. One daughter accuses me of saying something a few months ago she didn't like and another gets pissed at Christmas Eve dinner; all three bicker over singing (or not singing) Christmas carols in the car. And that does it--I'm crying. And you know how it is once you start crying over the holidays: you're sad about every person who has died, every Christmas that you were disappointed, every slight that has been doled out over the past few all gets dredged up and just spills over. When we get home I stalk to my room and slam the door.

Then one of the girls slips a cup of chamomile tea beside the bed while I'm crying and showering. The other two come in to say they're sorry. And I feel like we can start the timer over. Tick tick tick...

Good night and Merry Christmas. It's time to fill the stockings...and no lumps of coal because they apologized.


MitMoi said...

Go read the Bizzaro Comic in yesterday's paper! You'll love it. And they (your girls) love you too! Sometimes it's just hard to stay grown-up when you come home. I think it's the ... uhhh, dunno, air?

And you can always run away for an hour or so one night to my house. Just say you're going for a walk!

mamie said...

Thanks for the offer - I'm going to put that on my must do list for next Christmas - "Escape to Mit's" - a new tradition! Hope yours was merry!