Friday, March 28, 2008


Some of you may have heard me say that I have been put on this earth this go-round to learn patience. It's going to take the entire lifetime and then some, I'm certain.

I have pulled myself completely away from the situation with the prospective choir director, but it has taken tremendous willpower. Yesterday, I had a little email temper tantrum about the phones not being answered at church and when the minister emailed me about it, he told me a couple of things about how things were going with the choir:

1. The director and choir were so awesome at practice the other night that he cried at the beauty of it.
2. The director is having second thoughts about coming to our church.

Sarah Susanka tells us to pay attention to our dreams. This is the dream I had last night:

My husband and I are walking into the church. There is a tremendous buzz about the prospective director and the choir. The choir is dressed in navy blue and white, solids and plaids, which isn't the usual attire for a choir. On my way to the bathroom (gotta go, you know!) I pass some construction and stacks of plastic plates. One of the stacks is made up of heart-shaped plates, and I think, "Good, we won't need any more plates."

When I go into the sanctuary, I look up in the balcony and there is a lone black man standing in the corner. I know he is a friend of the director's and that he is there to support him. The air is palpable with excitement. Someone hands me a letter that the director has written. At first it looks like it says that he is not going to be able to come to our church, but then I realize that it is a very lengthy and detailed list of all of his accomplishments as a choir director and musician.

I wake up. The first thought I have is this: There is something about us that needs him and there is something about him that needs us.

I'm paying attention to my dreams.

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