Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laugh if you want to

Monday our internet connection went down. Today, my husband opened an email from our daughter, clicked on the link, wondered why she was sending him information on Viagra. An hour later he tried to send me two emails and they never came through. He's on the phone now with tech support.

Hmmm. Mercury. And sure enough, here's what I read:

At 04:06 UT (Universal Time) Sunday, April 18th, 2010, Mercury the wise communicator—and universal trickster—turns retrograde at 12°37' Taurus, in the sign of the Bull, sending communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup!

As long as we don't communicate with anyone, travel anywhere, make any appointments, or use our computers expecting them to work until May 11, we'll be fine. Jeez. And yes, I know the picture is of the moon, but my camera lens doesn't reach to Mercury.


mamie said...

Just in case you are wondering, my camera lens doesn't reach to the moon either. :)

Ally said...


Okay...I got my laughter out of the way.

Is this nature's way of saying that you and your family are out of this world????


kenju said...

It got me yesterday! My employer sent an email about where to meet him and what time - but he sent it just at the moment I was leaving the driveway (in the car) and didn't see. Mercury always causes missed communications....:-/