Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Diego and Jan Phillips Part 1

Have you missed me? I've got a lot to tell you. I'm going to tell it in installments, and here's the first of them:

A couple of years ago I was searching for workshops that would combine photography and writing and came across this website for Jan Phillips. I subscribed to her Museletter, and have kept up with what she does through reading it.

I saw that she was teaching what she called a "Facilitator Workshop" and thought that might take us on our way to leading workshops as a way of living. So we took a grand leap of faith, booked reservations, and went to San Diego to spend a few days sightseeing and the weekend with Jan.

We had gotten directions to her house from Mapquest, and had a moment of panic when we couldn't find her house number on the street. We called, and we were on the wrong street. We got there, relieved that Jan was a real person!

Remember that we knew nothing about Jan but what I'd read about her on her website. We sat in her office/den with four women, Jan, and us. The first thing she did after welcoming us was announce that she was going to read a poem. Remember this post? That is the poem she read. I was stunned.

Then we proceeded to build what she called our story by answering the following four questions. I'll leave you with these questions for tonight.

1. What was something in your life that you considered a curse that turned into a blessing?
2. Talk about a time that you felt transformed by an experience or a person.
3. What is something that you're afraid of?
4. What is something that you're really proud of?

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trisha said...

Yep, I missed you bunches.

Yep, I remember crying over that Mary Oliver poem. A goose-bumpy thing to have your workshop start with it.

I've answered the big 4 questions. Bring on Part 2!