Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writing Here Again

I've been stymied about what to write here because I said I was finished with my dad's story, and it's still very much on my mind. Yes, a year and some weeks later, I'm still thinking about him so much, sad, physically sad that he's gone. We closed on his house on Monday, another chapter of our lives closed with the signing of the papers.

But finally I had an idea for a post that didn't have to do with him.

I wrote about randomly sending out cards and letters to people whose names you chose from the phone book or newspaper. Cards with inspirational quotes or nice sayings. And then I started thinking, "What if the letter goes to a spouse who thinks his or her partner is having an affair?" What if they don't think that but because they got the letter, they start worrying that it might be so? And on and on my brain went, turning something that I at first thought was a good idea into something I had to reject because of unintended results.

Did I defeat my ideas with misgivings? Or did I stop myself from doing something that could have serious consquences beyond my intentions?

There are a lot of things going on beyond my control right now that effect us and our future, our children's future too. I rack my brain for ways that I can empower myself and stop hopelessness in its tracks. Sending out messages of hope to people felt at first like something that might ripple and make small differences. But then it didn't seem like such a good idea.

What are you doing to give yourself some control over what is going on in the world today? How do you keep from walking in your door at night and living in your little world, protected from the chaos outside?

I need some ideas and direction here. Will you pass yours on?


fredracey said...

I'm sorry to hear of your lingering sadness, yet I know it will continue to dissipate. Slower than you would like, perhaps, but it will.
Here's a process suggestion for you regarding any new idea you might implement. Best? Worst? Most likely? "If I do this, what's the best thing that can happen? The worst? The most likely?" Over the years, I've found that 90% of the time, "most likely" is what actually happens. I'm sure there are some things you could say in your notes to people to mitigate your concerns over their misunderstanding. Good luck!

Nancy Triplett said...

Just by writing this simple blog, you are already sending out inspiration to others! When you find yourself inspired, it automatically spreads. Don't overthink it...go with what shows up in a moment. I started a fb page of just inspirational thoughts, blogs, etc and always share yours on it. Even when I'm not "feeling" it...I post something inspirational for others, and automatically I am lifted up. Just be you...follow your moment to moment assured it is helping others even when you are not aware of can feel it.

MitMoi said...

Oh .. .I am so sorry I missed the post before this.

However ... I think you are familiar with this blog Chookooloonks?

If not ... I think you'd find a million things you'd relate to - and I think she's an eloquent argument about doing something small to make a big difference.

She started out with "Beauty" ( and now has grown to "uncover yourself" via her pathfinder.

and knowing I need to walk across the creek!