Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I Say Things

This photograph doesn't really match the idea of the post, but I couldn't think of one that would represent this next project in my renovation year.

I am trying to watch how I suggest things to people. Most of the time, in the past, if I felt enthusiastic about something, my "suggestion" to people would start with one of the following:

"You HAVE to read...."
"You NEED to go see...."
You've GOT to come with me...."
You would LOVE...."

Imperative statements that probably leave the listener in a rebellious mood. "I have to?" "I need to?" Well, what if I don't want to, you pushy person?

When I am recommending something this year, I'm trying to rephrase my excitement.

"I loved 'Midnight in Paris.' It had so many interesting characters."

"This author is going to be at the bookstore and I'm excited because the book is amazing."

"I've noticed that you like bluegrass music. The Bluegrass Experience is going to be playing at the Q Shack."

It's taking some work to get the hang of the new way of talking, but I'm getting more in the habit of THINKING before I talk so that's helping.

So let me try it here: Tonight I went to see Adam Johnson, author of The Orphan Master's Son. Hearing Adam talk about North Korea and the writing of the book was fascinating. I wish everybody could see him in person.

I am still working on getting my passion for something to show through, and don't think that statement conveys it exactly. But it'll come, it'll come. Renovations are time-consuming; there are layers to be broken down and rebuilt. This make-over is a long-term project. I want to do it right.

I think I know why I subconsciously chose this picture: the pelican doesn't squawk, "COME SEE THIS SKY." He just sits in front of it, silhouetted against its majesty. And I admire.


Ally said...

HEY MAMIE!!!!!!!!!!

I think we're all guilty of having a strong suggestive lilt in our conversations with other people. It's natural for us to slightly impose our ways onto others, because we just want to share our joys, knowledge, and happiness with everyone. But as I've experienced, it's difficult to convince people. For example, no matter how many times I tell my friends and family that they need to listen to Polka music, I always get the eyeroll of doom. But, that's fine. That leaves more Polka for me!!

Good luck with your project!!


mamie said...

Ally, I cannot be convinced to love hours of bluegrass music or the blues, so I understand! But actually, I love polka music and the accordion in particular! Thanks for stopping by Can I Do It? xoxo