Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Standing Still

I'm not a regular meditator, but I've done it quite a bit. And I've blogged before about how holding my body still for a short period of time is helpful for me. I find now that I call on that stillness more often.

I'll walk into my work space, a thousand things on my mind--stories, cards, photographs, laundry, phone calls. I have music playing in that room all the time, and I'll stop and listen to a song. I'll feel the emotions that the song evokes--nostalgia, joy, longing, loneliness, contentment.

When I have something to write, a story or an essay, I pause for a few minutes and I find I write much clearer and quickly.

 In the middle of an argument, I stop talking and steady my thoughts.  Things don't escalate as often.

I'm a fidget by nature, a brain-racing multi-tasker,a cooker-upper of ideas and plans. This new ability, to pause my physical actions, rest and listen, to cool down on short notice, is a habit I'm glad to have developed.

Do you meditate? If so, how has it changed you?


Ally said...

Hey Mamie!! I, too, am a fidget by nature. No no...make that a super duper uber fidget. Thankfully, I believe in naps. Mandatory power naps are my meditation. They allow my mind and soul to take a break from the constant ZONKS and BAMS and KAPOWS of life...as well as the "chicken chasing" that my brain loves to participate in. "They say I have A.D.D. but they don't understand. Ooh, look...a chicken!!"

mamie said...

I was going to answer this when the notification email came, but I got distracted!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Ally!