Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heart Song

Something's afoot in my life that is bringing me great joy!

It involves the Universe and the way it works in mysterious ways.  It has to do with this box of found photographs. I think of the person who is going to be a part of this project for a minute or so, and have one of the photographs choose that person to write the story that the picture tells.

It involves giving wrapped gifts and sending mail, the delicious anticipation that I feel as I drop the photograph in the mail and think about the recipient opening it, seeing the photograph, beginning to sense the story.

It involves the challenge of writing short fiction--three hundred words or less--making every word count.  One page.  One powerful page.

It involves black and white photography, the way we interact with the photographer's eye, read expressions, and become compassionate, empathetic observers.

It involves the beautiful 1880 Gallery at the Long View Center where the photographs and stories will come together to become exponentially effective in bringing new life to forgotten people.

It involves this room, writers sitting together with the most amazing Randall Kenan, and choosing photographs, working up stories, sharing our writing while our adrenaline hums, eating good food prepared by my friend, Mark Hardy.

The thought of this project makes me want to cry.  It makes me want to dance around the room.  I want to do it over and over, bringing life to forgotten people, writing with other writers, letting the cosmos rule my choices.

Hurray for things that make our hearts sing!


womenswrites said...

Oh, oh, me, me, me, pick me!

Beth Browne
PO Box 1612
Garner NC 27529


Kim Church said...

Yes, hurray, hurray! I'm thrilled to be part of this project.

susan Ketchin said...

OH, this will be a grand project! I am so excited to be a part. My picture has chosen me and I can't stop thinking about it! I am so glad you're doing this, dear Mamie!

mamie said...

Kim, your pix in the mail!

Susan, I felt your excitement when you opened your photograph!

Beth, I would love to send you a picture and have you participate.

Ally said...

Hey Mamie! You can do it!

The room in that last pic looks super duper peaceful. Just looking at a picture of that room makes me relaxed. May I take a nap in that room, pretty please?

mamie said...

Thanks, Ally! For a small fee, I will blow the photo up to room size and you can put it on a wall of your house.... :)