Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's V-E-R-Y scary...

Yep, very scary. Not Halloween, but goodness. Every time my life feels so good, I get nervous. Every time someone else has some rotten luck, I get nervous. When my kids were little and they were all going through a good stage at the same time (um, did this really happen or did I dream it one night?), I got nervous. Why is it that when things are good, we just plain feel anxious that they can't stay that way? And if it keeps on being good for very long we think that our good/evil balance sheet is getting heavy on the good side and then we'll get audited by that great Accountant in the sky and be fined or dealt an extra dose of sorrow or need or fear.

I also wonder if I'm spending my good times wisely. Do I share? Do I appreciate what I've got? Am I too satisfied or complacent or not compassionate enough? I keep thinking about that old saying that love is something if you give it away you end up getting more--but then I always think, "That's w-a-y too easy."

Okay, Universe. I'm going to take the good that you're handing out. I'm going to try not to worry about any trouble that's over the horizon. But if you don't mind, I might save a little goodness just in case.

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Betsy W. said...

Mamie - Someone wiser than I once told me:

When something bad happens, remember, that this too shall pass.

When something good happens,
remember, this this too shall pass.

So try not to hang on to either one. More is coming.

And, I also try to remember that this takes a lot of practice on my part!!!

Love your writing and the photos are inspiring!
Love ya!