Monday, April 7, 2008

Minor irritation

In my ongoing effort to avoid homework, I have to post a bitch here. Small, but very irritating nonetheless.

I would like to slap the first teenager who left the "d" out of a contraction with an "n't" after it. Take the word "cook" drop the "k" and add "unt" after it and this is what it sounds like:

"She coo-unt get your number to go through." (An actual quote from a bank customer service person)
"We woo-unt want that to happen, now would we?" (Another quote from this condescending little twenty-something)

Has anyone else found this trend to be annoying? Why can't they be working on the perfect cliche? Or maybe the teen who says "Shoo-unt" IS the perfect cliche.

1 comment:

trisha said...

Another one: did-unt.

This kind of thing just crawls all over me. I thought I was the only one. Thanks, Mamie!