Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Attention Diverted

Front page news today: 

Lead article: "409 acres preserved for ages"
"Health insurance costs up modestly"
"Afghans take on Pakistan--in a peaceful soccer match"
"Animal rights group sues Raleigh over bus ad"

Second page news:

Aretha cancels yet another concert or two, Dr. Oz rushes to scene of taxi that jumps curb, Presidential pets

Third page news:

A nineteen year old man slips into an elementary school with an AK-47 Watch it here..  Headline: "Gunfire exchanged at Georgia Elementary School."

{yawn} It is getting to be stale news, isn't it?


Susan Boswell said...

Have your ears been burning? Your name has come to me, twice- out of the blue in the past two days. I think we are meant to connect! I am the lady you talked with at lunch at Press 53 with the crazy family. I mentioned to a lady in my exercise class yesterday about the Press 53 workshop- Nancy ??? - cannot remember her name but she sells pharmaceuticals here in Greensboro and was in school with you and Harrison... Since your name was Mamie ( a bit unusual) I remembered you... Then today, I was searching some literary journals, happened across Lunch Ticket and there you were again- your name jumped out at me! I remembered we talked about your last exhibit and I told you about what my husband did with old photos telling new stories. So, for what its worth- his website is
My blogs are but I warn you some are bad. The blogs force me to get stuff written even though it's not perfect. LOL I'm on facebook, I think under Susan Swicegood Boswell and my email is
I hope if you are in the Greensboro area we can get together, maybe with Nancy.
Small world isn't it?
Take care!
PS Nice piece in Lunch Ticket!

mamie said...

Susan! Yes, we're destined to know each other :)

Nancy wrote me yesterday to tell me she had met you. It helps to have an odd name, doesn't it?

I love Perry's work. Maybe we could get him to do a workshop on collages. I wasn't able to get on your blog without a Skirt! account.

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