Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blue Pearl

In the book Eat Pray Love, Gilbert tells of a group of neurologists who wired up a Tibetan monk for a brain scan to see what happens when one enters a transcendent state. She explains that our brain activity shows up normally as yellow and red flashes - more red and more yellow during periods of stress or anger or passion. During the monk's meditation, he was able to quiet his mind so completely that all the red and yellow completely disappeared, and the neurological activity of his brain collected in the center into a small, cool, blue light.

Gilbert says that mystics throughout the ages, without the benefit of brain scans, have described the stillness of one's mind during meditation, the complete union with God, as a blue light. Some say they feel this light radiating from the center of their skulls. In Yogic meditation, she continues, this is called the "blue pearl" and it is the aim of real seekers to find it.

It is amazing to me that in this instance the spiritual interpretation of meditation coincides with the scientific evidence.

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