Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rainy weekend part 2 or 3

We took a trip to Beaufort and Cape Lookout this weekend. The weather did not cooperate at all. It rained huge amounts once we got to the Lookout bight. I took a couple of naps to kill the time but didn't get to read much because hubby was all het up reading Ron Paul's book "The Revolution, A Manifesto" and wanted to scare me, um I mean talk about it. We are selling everything, buying a solar powered generator, water and seeds, taking the cat, stamps and postcards, and moving to a remote island where no one uses money and there are no nuclear weapons aimed or aiming!! In between the rain and the rant, I did manage to get some (grayish) pictures though. Enjoy!


billie said...

I love the gray photos - esp. the pottery coffee one and the other window one!

mamie said...

Thanks, Billie. I love to photograph shop windows. I have a thing about reflections--in the water and glass especially--and lots of my photographs are of them.