Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scared ya?

My mother-in-law collects my photo cards, refusing to part with them to send them out for special occasions. She loves to rifle through them, looking at the pictures, saying that she just cannot let this one or that one go, in spite of the fact that I assure her I can get her another one just like it.

However, when she is going through a new batch to pick some out, she says she hates the reflection pictures like the ones in the last post. She feels afraid when she sees them.

I did not receive any comments yesterday. Scared?


billie said...

They remind me of photographic Rorschachs - not scary but compelling in a slightly unsettling way.

billie said...

Mamie, I thought we had emailed before but I can't find your address - LOL - so the blogs have become the new way of getting messages out.

If you go to mystic-lit there's a link on the sidebar to click for sending me an email. Any time is fine for the post - there's no deadline with this at all. I'm looking forward to it!

trisha said...

OK, I'll venture a guess about yesterday's mystery photo. It's of flags flying on a boat?

mamie said...

Thanks, Billie and Trisha for your thoughts on the photos. The bottom photo is a relection of water on the side of a boat. I love the way it looks when it's moving across a hull, the changing geometric-ness of the forms. Hard to capture the beauty in a still.

Billie, I'm looking forward to posting too - with a little nervousness, but a lot of excitement!