Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thomas (on piano) and the choir

Can I do it? Upload a video to my blog? This was taken by a friend today with a Flip video camera. It is our choir and the music director we are hoping to hire.


G Liz said...

Mamie, I can definitely see why you want your church to get this choir director! He is is your choir!

Thank you for sharing this video. At my home church, video cameras aren't involved normally unless there's scandal! :-)

mamie said...

SOOOO LOL at your comment. I guess they don't want any evidence unless it's for legal purposes!!

MitMoi said...

Ok - everyone has to learn how to sway TOGETHER! Even the people in the pews.

ps: sounds great.

mamie said...

Yeah - that could use some work. On the second song he literally moved his hands back and forth so they would get going in the same direction!! All the more reason we NEED him.

BTW I'm enjoying your travel posts.

G Liz said...

Mamie, I'm ready for Mit to get back home...I have some questions to ask her after her last blog entry!!! :-)

mamie said...

Um hmmm - great minds think alike. There was a big old question mark in my mind after that post. You get the scoop.