Sunday, December 14, 2008

One week later...

I know, I've been bad. And I hope you've missed me.

This weekend I went on the now annual trip to march in the Oriental Spirit of Christmas parade with seven of my friends. Here we are in line for the parade. It was freezing, but when you're dancing and "playing" music, you stay warm. And being embarrassed about making a fool of yourself helps keep the body temperature up.



The first night, this was on my right at the river:

And incredibly, this was on my left:

During the day the sun was shining and I got to ride my bike a little. I felt very nostalgic for the sleepy little town where you can ride in the middle of the street at all hours of the day and night.

There was a lot of cosmic energy over the three days we were there. Full moon, celestial cross, the date of 12/12, and coincidences involving numbers over and over.

It's always good to get home though.


billie said...

Mamie, that moon shot is gorgeous!

I'm glad someone else has been experiencing some stuff with numbers and such. I've been walking around thinking "oh my gosh" over and over for the past week.

mamie said...

Billie, I have heard several stories of not just number oddities but also unusual energy spikes. Of course the part about the numbers makes the the happiest. :)

trisha said...

What fun!

With my bad eyes, I thought, at first, that your parade banner read "Tingle Belles".

mamie said...

Trisha, we were going to call ourselves The JIGGLE BELLES. This would have been appropriate, but you have to save some fun for the next year!