Monday, December 22, 2008

Stand By Me

Last night my husband's gospel band performed at church. One of the tunes they did was "Stand By Me" and the audience was very moved by this old Ben E King song. I feel so fervently that we have to tend to those who are afraid or hungry or homeless, war-weary, mourning, loveless and alone, lost in the many, many ways people can become lost these days.

Tonight, one of the band members sent this video and I realize that people around the world feel the words of this song are so meaningful too.

So watch, and think about how we will reach out in the new year to stand by our neighbors who live close by in our cities and far away in other parts of the world. We are one people.


MitMoi said...

Mamie, I'm sure D and the gang were inspiring. They always have so much emotion when they sing - but that video ...

leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it, Mamie.

Congrats on making Mit speechless. I think that's a first!!




AK->NC said...

thanks, potters, for inviting us over the night following christmas. i know i speak for us all, as we all had a grand time. i enjoy reading your blog, and wish i could keep ye old blog burning the way you do... hope this year brings yall much happiness.

trisha said...

Stand by me. I stand by you.

Happy New Year with love.