Saturday, June 13, 2009

Start of Summer

Many years ago, my husband and I had an incredible garden. I put up over 100 jars of preserves from things that we either grew or tended on our property. When I see old photos of the garden, I'm impressed with how much we had.

Then a couple of years ago, one of my daughters hit a rough spot, and once again we grew a garden. Small but productive, we felt purposeful about it, and proud of our efforts.

This year on a whim, my husband and I planted squash, tomatoes, peppers and some herbs. With all the rain we've had, the garden is going wild. Last night we had our first meal from what we've grown: stir-fried squash and pasta with pesto. Add peaches from Candor (thank God those poor peach farmers are having a great year), and it was a delicious meal.

Today we rode around Southport trying to get to know the streets and shops. Nice night, nice morning.


trisha said...

Yum, the tastes of summer. Love seeing what's cooking in Mamie's kitchen.

You know how I feel about Southport. Did you take your photos?

mamie said...

Do you mean did I take my cards to Southport? Or did I take the photos on the blog? No to the first question, yes to the second!!

See you this week - yes!

Lisa U said...

I remember your big garden , mmm, your squash looks good.