Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thematic Photography: Dusk

I could post every day for this week's theme from Carmi at WrittenInc, but I'll try to hold back.

There is something amazing that happens when the sun and the sky and the water come together. In the photo you have the reality; then the reflections bring richer overtones to the coloring of everything. I can't get enough, and probably spend way more time looking at the elements through the lens than looking at them. But then, I can see them again and again if I capture the photo. And no two are ever, ever alike. Amazing universe.

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G Liz said...

These are AMAZING!!!!! I am most fond of your second picture!!!!

Carmi said...

Your words struck home: so often, I also see a scene more through the lens than I do "live". And I often wonder if I'm missing anything in the process.

Thanks for confirming that I'm not missing a thing. In fact, I'm able to go back to it anytime I want to experience it again. And I can share it, too!

I love how you interpreted the theme. Wonderful captures all.