Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bathroom Books

Yes, maybe the winter weather is freezing my brain, and maybe all I have to talk about today is...bathroom books.

There are books in every room of my house. Except two hallways and the laundry room. And my bathroom books, I like to think, are interesting. No "Bathroom Jokebook" will ever be found in my powder room! Here is what you'll find:

Leisure Time: for assurance of a fuller life: This book is copyrighted in 1957 and is a publication of The Equitable Life Insurance Company. I found it at Father and Son, an antique and junque shop in downtown Raleigh. It is full of tips about how to live healthfully. Hobby suggestions are on this page, hobbies being a way of living a full, satisfying life.

Don'ts for Dancers: This is a very small, purple book that was first published in 1925. I saw it sitting on my friend Nancy Olson's desk and asked if I could have it. Oh the tips you will find in this book. "Don't be unhappy because you are wearing an old frock. Remember that it is not so old to other people as it is to you. You may think it shabby, but you are invariably more critical than they. And it isn't your frock, but the way you dance, that matters to your partner."

Facts of Life and Love for Teenagers: Published in 1950 by the National Board of YMCA's and costing 25 cents, it contains the warning, "This is a good book for adolescents and for their parents. It may shock some but it is likely to help teenagers." This quote is from Bible Teacher, and I'm not sure if that is a magazine or a person. It includes a whole chapter called, "Love Out of Bounds" with subtitles like, "Loving a Married Woman." This, folks, is shocking material for a teenager in the fifties!

Myth and Romance: The Art of J W Waterhouse: Soft porn, anyone? Waterhouse is an artist from the late 1800's, early 1900's. The introduction to the book, interestingly enough, uses words like "fertile" to describe his imagination, and "wistful female beauties" with regard to his subjects. Both appropriate descriptions.

14,000 Things to Be Happy About: This is the book that has been in my bathroom the longest. The figure on top was made in school by my middle daughter. I can always tell when someone has been reading the book because the smiling figure has been taken off and put to the side.

I will end this post with a few of the 14,000 things to be happy about that I find to be most puzzling:

tiny satin pouches
long Edwardian jackets
nubby cotton
"It's key"
swell sounds
skinny rings
sliding shorts
blond silk string with blond beads
the nickname "Boo Boo"
making up dreams in bed
pens with clocks in them
touching someone's rings
Turk's head nautical knot

Get the picture? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


mamie said...

With so time on my hands, I was able to find out what the Bible Reader is.

Anonymous said...

I super duper love the quote from Don'ts For Dancers. On a general level, I am always invariably more critical about myself than others are. What is it about the human mind that makes us second guess our own selves?? It's nonsensery, I say!! We should all be ourselves, be proud of who we are, and DANCE!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mamie!!!


mamie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, goddess woman - hope you get to dance!

mamie said...

And now that I read my first comment, I realize that with so much time on my hands I didn't take time to proof my comment. :)