Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gray day, moving day

Today, after being at Southport Marina for a year (I can't believe it has been that long), we moved the boat to the old Bald Head Island ferry landing. After a restful morning, we headed out.

It has been a very cloudy, windy day, and I was glad it was a short ride to the new marina.

The view from the back of the boat is great - trees and sky. We've never been in such a natural setting in a marina.

Our friend Mike came over and helped us get settled. He also gave my husband a lift back to the car. We are now about a mile from town. This'll be a great bike ride when the spring comes, but today would have been chilly.

The best part of the new marina is that the old welcome center for the ferry riders is part of the usable space. The bathrooms and shower are there, and also a lounge area and a small bar counter. Lots of dock space too. Until the Mitchell brothers (who own Bald Head Island) catch wind of it, we'll be able to have some nice gatherings in the space.

I've calmed down completely since my savage rant of yesterday. I finished reading Amy Bloom's new book of stories, Where the God of Love Hangs Out, and it is as fine a collection as her others. She writes about love as well and as freshly as anyone I know. I am almost through with Yann Martel's new book, Beatrice and Virgil. As he did in Life of Pi, he uses animals in a very creative and thoughtful way. It's excellent!

I needed this restful weekend, and am very thankful for the peace I feel.

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