Friday, March 26, 2010

Ruffled feathers

See the picture? The alligator swimming with turtles at Bald Head Island? Most of the time he leaves the turtles alone. They surround him at the pier, eager for droppings from the on-lookers; occasionally one of them will climb on his back. But sometimes, every now and then, that alligator turns bad and devours one of those turtles.

The correlation? Most times the posts here are fairly innocuous. Ramblings about me or observations about life. We "swim along" together, la la la. Then, wham! I turn on somebody or something.

In writing this blog and speaking my mind, sometimes I'm going to ruffle feathers. Sometimes I might even say something that hurts. I'm trying to be honest here, but also aware of the reader. And as my readership broadens, my awareness must be keener.

If I say something that irritates or hurts you here, please go to the comments and say something. You don't have to leave your name; there's an anonymous way to post. But don't ignore my emails and calls because you're mad. The silence is deafening.

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Anonymous said...

Let it out and don't hold back!!! Be bold and rock it!! You can do it!!