Monday, March 15, 2010

Whoa, doggies!

Today is the day it dawned on me that I really don't know alot about having a gallery opening. And I also found out that even if you try to ask the right way, all the things you ever wanted to know about a gallery opening can't be found on the Internet.

I have a beautiful gallery space and I've sent out postcards and posted on Facebook. I have my photographs named and framed, I have the video almost done, I have a play list for the ambient music. I've put together some information boards to tell about the artists and the Moore Square neighborhood. I have a menu and lots of wine; the other artist's husband is making home-brewed beer; a friend is making desserts.

But the thing I realized I didn't know today was this: How does one conduct the sale of photographs at an opening?

So I sucked it up and called an artist friend who loves and doesn't judge me and asked the question. I was embarrassed, really, to admit that I was having this great event and didn't know one of the most basic things about conducting it. She didn't laugh at me (thank you, dear Nancy) and went about giving me all the information I needed. And I had dinner with another friend who augmented my knowledge.

So now, even though I have a new to-do list, and quite extensive, I am prepared to make this show what it needs to be. I want it casual but professional, and I feel confident that on opening day I'll have all the tools to make it just that.

As always, my friends came through.


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

I won't make the opening, but sooner or later I will be in town to visit family and really, really want to see your gallery.

If the shot at the top is at all typical, it's going to be awesome!

mamie said...

Virginia, I took this particular photograph while taking the ones for the show, but it isn't in the exhibit.

For the record, it isn't my gallery. It is in my church, a beautiful space, used to be a working gallery, now isn't. I asked if I could hang my photographs there and invite friends. They said yes, and here I am: an opening!

Wish you could make it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mamie!!! Way to go!!