Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Music

One of the things that drew me to my church was the music. Lively, hand-clapping, dancing-in-the-aisle music. Music that brought a smile to my face that lasted for the entire hour.

But things have changed. And I don't like the way it's going.

So. What to do. There are people in the church who like the direction the music is taking. And the present choir director doesn't have the same music background as the old one. He's doing the kind of music he does best. He's organized and reliable. And the choir is now more organized and predictable.

Then there are people like me who are unhappy with the music. I haven't been to church for a month.

It's more than just being unhappy with the music as it is. It's more that I feel my minister has given up the vision of an exciting, vibrant music program. And if he doesn't have the vision anymore, there won't be anything different on the horizon.

When I first came to this church in 2004, the music is what swept me up. The minister's messages spoke to something deep inside, and the people were full of love. The minister is the same, the people for the most part are still there. But without the music, it's not enough.

I used to schedule the outside groups, and could bring in some of the music I loved. I turned away single performers in favor of groups with a lot of oomph like the Fairmont Gospel Revue. But now that the music director is doing the scheduling, there aren't even many of those groups.

Here's the question: Do I stick around and try to make a change back to what brought me there? Or do I say, "It's working for some people; why make waves?" and move on?

I miss my inspiring Sunday mornings in the worst way.


Anonymous said...

God makes waves...and you can too!!


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

Yeah, I'm kind of with the Goddess. If you don't tell 'em you're not happy with the changes, they'll never know. And one thing I learned a long time ago about groups, whether they're churches, classrooms, or therapy groups, is that the one who speaks up is usually speaking for the whole group--who just lack nerve.

Kenneth Lobb said...

Hi Mamie, I found your blog and plan to stick around for awhile. Okay with you?

MitMoi said...

This is a difficult question isn't it?

Is the church the minister? Is it the congregation? The music? The message?

As I've moved from place to place I've found that "my church" is different in each state. But once I've found "it" - is there ever a good reason to leave?

Here are my thoughts:

1) If you stop going - and you have no fellowship - then maybe it's okay to move on.

2.) If you believe they are no longer "scriptural" or "speaking the word of God" - I think you need to voice your concerns/fears - then move on. There's a fine line between attendance = condoning and actions speak louder than words.

3.) How long will this change last? Certain denominations rotate through clergy fast. Can you wait it out? Or is this a philosophical change. (see above)

Music moves me too. If I could be enriched in spite of the music, I might stay. But if I stay away because the music makes me feel dead? Well, sadly, I think I'd be church shopping too.

<3 you - and sorry for writing a novel. :\

w/v = colic (inconsolable crying with bouts of fussiness and irritability. Has no known cause of improvement [except following one's heart].

mamie said...

Thanks, Goddess and Virginia, for encouraging me to speak out. Mit, it's all about the music. Every bit of it. And your full comment is always appreciated!

Kenneth, why not?