Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birds (and the Byrds)

First thing every morning, I look out one of my bedroom windows and I see these beautiful birds:

From my bedroom door, I see these birds:

Unfortunately, I have to keep one of my bedroom shades drawn down tight, because my neighbors (oddly enough, the Byrds) chose to put their storage unit as close to our property line as they could, and each weekend pile more crap BEHIND it.

I feel so angry that I have to keep my shades drawn to keep from seeing this, and I want to send them a postcard with this photo on it and a sarcastic note. My husband says it's their property and I have to let it go. I wish I could.

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Allie said...

This reminded me of a domestic situation when I was about twelve years old, when my family lived in VA. Our neighbors us were a bunch of raggedy and sleazy drug addicts, and their yard was always stashed with rusty cars, tons of junk, bikes, and so forth. My bedroom window looked out directly to the big mess. Everytime I looked out my window and saw my neighbors, I would open the window, stick my tongue out at them, and scream "Go Away!!".

Maybe that could work for you too!!