Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day in Pictures (and a few words)

For the most part, cars are not allowed on Bald Head Island. Usually we rent a golf cart one of the days of the weekend to run to the store or go to the end of the island. My husband has ridden to the store many times on his bike, but I've never done it. I thought it was too far, uphill, etc. etc. whatever excuse I could come up with. I decided that I was going to put all my excuses to bed this weekend and finally ride the bike there. We lollygagged on the way over and took many detours on side roads. But on the way back, we rode straight home to the marina. It took less than fifteen minutes - a cinch! I had very much over-estimated how hard it would be. I am encouraged now to ride to the end of the island and back, thus eliminating any need to have a golf cart.

I had my camera with me and there were many things to see. Here's a sample:


Allie said...

Gorgeous photos!! I think my favorite is the tree shadow. Very nice!


MitMoi said...

I second Allie - I LOVE the shadow tree.