Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today, I'm supposed to be doing critiques and revising a story for class, but the Avoidance Principle is strong. I decide to take my camera and walk around the yard and see what spring is up to. First, a sure sign that the winter is over: an election sign and a covered wood pile.

Right above is the jasmine. I can smell it from the door.

I have no idea what this spidery flower is but it's on a tree, and intriguing.

And of course, the azaleas.

We're expecting freezing temperatures later this week, but today everything feels new.


Greta said...

Mamie, I, too, walked around outside and took photos. Of trees beginning to green up, tree bark, rocks, grass, bluets, dogwood, and dandelions.

I saved them in the appropriate file. At least I thought I did. Hopefully they'll magically appear so I can post them.

Thanks for sharing spring in your neck of the woods.

MitMoi said...

Freezing??? Are you serious??? Holy cripes I miss Arizona - and you. I guess I really need to talk a walk (after looking at the map.)

I saw Gina last night. She and Chris kidnapped me. AT EIGHT-THIRTY at night.

I see spring too - the dogwood, Azaleas .. and that evil florescent pollen.

Can't wait to read more of your writing,

Missing Mit

MitMoi said...

*take a walk .. not TALK a walk ..sigh

Allie said...

Hey Mamie! Pretty pics!!

I should have been out and about with my camera this weekend, working on my first week's assignment. Alas, I have spent most of the weekend being a slacker with my butt fused to the recliner.