Thursday, April 23, 2009

Writing Day

Yesterday was a writing day. I spent it putting my portfolio together for the end of the semester, and revising my second short story for the class.

I'm fairly new to writing, and am never prepared for how obsessed I become with my main character. My writing professor is always saying, "Get closer," and the more I get into the character's head the more I can't stop thinking about the story. I night dream about it, I daydream about it, and if the story is based on someone I know, I have to visit or call them to dig deeper.

I told my husband today that I finally figured out why I am fearful of the blank page: Once I start writing, I don't want to stop. I want to write and write and write and forget about work and laundry and grocery shopping.

There is a feeling that I get about my pictures and writing that I don't get from anything else. It's like a drug and I'm scared of wanting something so much.

PS I have only submitted four pieces of my work to publications. The first two were to The Sun Magazine. I was not at all in tune with whether my writing fit their style. The two pieces (one a color photo when they only publish black and white!) were rejected. Three weeks ago I sent two stories to Narrative Magazine. I have to console myself: the winner was Janet Burroway. They passed on my stories, but that's okay. It was exciting to go on their website every day and see "Under Consideration" by the titles of my stories!


trisha said...

I get you.

I'm writing a Siri story.

She's fighting with her husband.

My husband gets home and I want to fight with him even though he hasn't done anything, because I'm in Siri's skin.

mamie said...

I call that "research" - you have to know how it feels!!! Poor hubby....

trisha said...

Yeah, he's pretty much a saint, for more reasons than my writing research.