Thursday, August 6, 2009

Be Very Afraid

One of the advantages of having a boat is that you can go swimming in places that are very private. One of the disadvantages of swimming in places that are very private is that critters that you don't particularly want to party with swim in these very same creeks and rivers. On our way to Cape Romaine a couple of years ago, we would pretty much see an alligator every mile or so. I did not want to stick even so much as my toe in the water while we were anchored out.

Now this fellow lives in a small pond on Bald Head Island. With probably a hundred or more turtles. Who swim around him, climb on his back, share the food/sticks/leaves/rocks people illegally throw into the water. He is so sick of turtle meat that a human toe would be very tasty.

Sometimes I have to tuck my fear away and brave the water. Yep, there are sharks and jellyfish and stingrays and sometimes alligators where we go, and they are scary. But you can't live your life afraid. I can tell you this though: I'm not going to be lolling around in those little creeks on a raft with my toes dangling in the water! There's a fine line between fear and caution.

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