Monday, August 24, 2009

Me...of Little Faith

As you can see, the cat was just fine with going outside, coming home, and getting up to do it again. Today, she has checked in a few times just to reassure me that she will come back.

Letting the cat outside was the second thing that happened this weekend that tested my ability to let go and let events occur as they will.

I am in the midst of planning a community choir workshop. In its original form, the event needed close to 100 participants to break even. As of last Friday, there were twenty people signed up.

I panicked. And in the way that people like me have of spreading panic, the minister panicked too. We sent the workshop director a carefully worded email saying we were doing all we could, but we were, well, panicking about the low numbers of people participating.

Last year, I hatched a plan to invite Andrew Harvey to the church. We didn't make any money on that event either, and although great things came from his being here, I worried about a repeat. With me as the instigator again.

The director understood what we were saying in the email, carefully worded as it was. He responded immediately saying that money was not important, that it was about singing, having fun, sharing as a community. He was not at all concerned about how much he was going to get paid. And he called me from POLAND to reassure me again. His voice was deep and calm, and I felt calm after we talked.

It is very hard to trust the universe to take care of everything - the cat, the concert, family members traveling here and there, friends who are sick or worried or scared. I've said before that there is no doubt in my mind that I was put here to learn patience this go-round. Add "the art of letting go" to that.

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