Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ninety-nine percent of the photographs on this blog are as they came out of the camera, whether film or digital. I do not own PhotoShop, and except for an occasional crop or rotation, do not edit. I pride myself on this, in fact, and if a photo doesn't meet my standards, well, I just don't put it out there.

Today, though, I was playing around with the photo editor that came with Microsoft, and whoa! It made everything look so awesome. I have to share a few of the changed photos:

I still maintain that an edited photograph is photographic art and not photography. But after looking at the improvements I was able to make, it sure is tempting to alter the color, brightness and density of a photograph to enhance the image.

To me, changing my original photographs is a compromise, and right now I'm not willing to do it.


Ally said...

Great pictures Mamie!!


Greta said...

Either way, I thoroughly enjoy your photos. There's always an aura of peace surrounding them. At least that's how I see them!


G Liz said...

Your pictures are fantastic - and you have such a great eye for photography!

Miss ya!!!