Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yep, tonight was all about developing my first darkroom black and white photograph. I did it! It is something I photograph in color at least once a week: the view off my deck late in the day. It is not in focus, but there is a magical quality about it that works. The photograph above was taken in color but converted to black and white. It is similar to the one I made tonight - I wanted you to have an idea of the way it looked.

This was a very exciting night for me.


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

Don't know about other readers, but I would like to see before/afters--of your first batch of photoshopped pics and of your mono converts.

FYI, Blogger has templates specifically for photos--you could get like a black background and a wider format so we could see your pictures embiggened, too. . . If this is going to turn into a photography blog, which it appears that it is, you might consider a new template to show off your work.

I'm becoming quite a fan, can you tell? I love your particular vision and especially admire your guts in tackling film photography in this day and age when digital is so much easier.


mamie said...

VA, Thanks so much for being the first member of my fan club! Your observations are always appreciated. I am, however, a low-brow blogger and don't know how to do the things you are suggesting. I'll work on figuring out, though, because, well, I like to accomodate my, um, fan!

I don't particularly mean for this to be a photography blog, but I like to post a photo each time, making it seem like a photography blog I suppose.

Thanks again for stopping by on a regular basis. I still need to go to the link you sent the other day on FB.

trisha said...

Favorite new word: embiggened.

A bone: Virginia may be the first member of the Mamie Fan Club BUT I am the president. (How quickly they forget...)