Thursday, November 12, 2009


Every now and then I find myself longing (yes, that's the word I want to use) for time at the coast. I am able to totally relax, leaving laundry, housework, dishes, animals, and grocery shopping behind. When I'm at home, I think of being by the water, lying around reading books, watching movies or old television shows, riding my bike with my camera around my neck, eating when I feel like it. Somehow I'm able to be lazy there in a way I cannot be at home.

My home is a refuge for me, don't get me wrong. But there's always something I could be doing or should be doing, and I'm a person who takes responsibility seriously. I always put it before play.

I'm trying to capture some of that relaxing spirit at home. I let the laundry pile up higher than I ever have, I scrounge around for something to eat rather than go to the grocery store, I delegate errands to my husband. I have been going to bed early and reading or watching the news channel.

I'm getting better at staring that old guilt monster in the eye and telling him to get lost. But locking him in a closet at home and driving away is still the best way I know to get rid of him.


kenju said...

Well I agree; the easier way is to leave town, but as I get older, it becomes much easier for me to stow that guilt and tell myself I've earned a day off to do nothing I don't really want to do.

P.S. Thanks for telling me where the fountain is. I think Raleigh missed the boat by not hiring Plensa, but the drought we were in at the time probably had a hand in his dismissal.

trisha said...

There's always a thing, or twelve, that needs doing at home, so I relax best when someplace else.

My favorite? The beach. When it's just me and the dogs, I eat when and what I want, stay up late or not, get out of bed when I choose, read and/or write all day, not turn on the TV, not drive unless I really want to. Heaven.

How wonderful to think of my favorite place on yet another gray day. Thanks for sending me there!

Oma said...

I just tell him and fear to come along - talk amongst themselves - I'm not listening. Smiles
off to the beach at end of week - oh yes!

trisha said...

Hey Oma,
We haven't met but please give a big hug to the beach for me.