Saturday, November 7, 2009

People Watching in Paris: Part I

I won't bore you with photos of the Louvres or Notre Dame or any of the other beautiful sites in Paris. You've seen those, as had I. This trip I was drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary sights and to the people that we encountered. Old, young, beautiful or interesting, homeless, lonely, contented, in love: I snapped and snapped. I will end my travel story with some of these people. The final photograph, although not as in focus as I would have liked, epitomizes the young Parisienne: thin, smoke pouring out of her mouth, dressed in black. "Paris" is the word written in hot pink sequins on the back of her shirt.

Enjoy, as I did.


pretty how town said...

I love it! So very French. I miss it!

So sorry I'm missing you this weekend. Hugs!

mamie said...

Guess there's a whole lot of missing going on because I miss you too! Your birthday party looked fun. Love you.