Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Searching For Some Feng Shui

Some of you regulars may remember last year when I cleaned out my closet. Well, guess what? This is how it looks today:

On the other hand this is what the linen closet in my bathroom looks like today:

A mouse died in the wall last week. Have you ever smelled a dead mouse?? You definitely do not want to sleep on sheets or dry off with towels that smell of eau de dead mouse. So, this is what my daughter's room looks like today:

There's some bad juju in the closets and bedrooms of my house right now.


kenju said...

OMG. How will you be able to get rid of it?

trisha said...

Last week we had a dead mouse in our utility room. Whooo-wheee, the smell.

But that's better than last winter when the meeces got inside our house (brazen souls, they are, with 2 good-sized indoor dogs on patrol). The varmints came in through the tiniest opening behind the dryer. Eek!

Apparently they can climb like crazy, leaving little calling cards on window sills, in cabinets, to mention a few places. Gross!

Greta said...

I don't know what this says about me, but I love looking at someone else's closets. Probably b/c either (1) I want to feel good about the condition of mine, or (2) I need to be motivated to get mine organized.

mamie said...

My husband and I were discussing the closet situation (his isn't much better than mine) and I showed him this post. He was horrified that I would put that picture of my closet up for everyone to see. It's inspiring, I said, laughing. But see, Greta, I'm right!

As for the mouse, the closet is open and airing. I don't think bones stink much so there's hope for the future. I don't want my husband taking things in his own hands, cutting open the wall, cleaning out the mess, and leaving the hole there for creatures to come on in! At least now they're contained securely in the mouse mortuary.

Anna said...


mamie said...

AHHHH? Is that the sound I should be making to restore the good vibrations, Anna? Maybe.

billie said...


I have gone through all the closets in the house since August - except for mine. How my closet ends up as the repository for:

son's World War II memorabilia

his Halloween costume from last year

daughter's overnight bag

random linens for upstairs beds

cast off clothing from everyone in the house

I will never understand.

The word verification is homille - which seems like some French term for the closet situation!

Quelle homille!