Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not quite what I was planning

Yep, I meant to start those cheery, thought-provoking posts again. Really I did. But it seems that the universe had another idea.

Monday I started a class with Zelda Lockhart. I was on fire! She is so inspiring and original and my writing neurons were blasting against one another.

On Tuesday morning around 7 my phone rang. Never a good sign. It was my brother letting me know that my dad had gone to the emergency room around 4 because of a headache. He was bleeding in his brain cavity, possibly from the fall that broke his hip. They were going to have to do brain surgery.

Uh, what did you say? He's just getting his strength and attitude back and they're taking him to do brain surgery?

Not quite what I was planning.

This time everything seemed dark and critical and all my siblings came to Greensboro. We heard mixed messages about his chances of making it through, and he was talking funeral clothes and music. It was a raw time.

But now the surgery's over and he's back in the room. His veins are collapsing and he's feeling pretty rough, but at least we're not planning any funerals tonight. And that is very thought-provoking from where I sit.


trisha said...

Your dad is made of some tough stuff. So are you.

Buckets of love coming your way.

Greta said...

Thinking of you and your family.