Thursday, June 17, 2010

The next step

Some of you long-time readers may remember this post about my doctor. I went to see him today to decide what I need to do next.

I went with this attitude: I HATE RADIATION THERAPY AND WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME THAT I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!! In the back of my mind though, trying to help me prepare for all things associated with dealing with this little cancer, was a voice telling me that I was probably going to have to face the zapper.

At every step of the way of this diagnosis and treatment, I have been surprised. Unpleasantly so. Every time. And in a way today was no exception. I had been told by the surgeon the best news: the tumor was gone. All of it. So when I went to see my doctor today, I was shocked to find out that out of three grades of tumor, mine was a 3, the most advanced kind. Normally DCIS tumors are a 2.

First, though, he asked me to tell him my understanding of my situation. I explained what I knew. He went over item by item the pathology of the tumor. Then he told me what having radiation therapy would probably be like. And it sounded bearable. Maybe I could do it.

He asked would I be willing to go to the hospital where he knows all the radiation therapists. He likes to match his patient's personality with the therapist's, he said. He said he thinks I will get along great with this particular woman. Can you imagine the compassion of a doctor who thinks that way? God. So he's going to talk to her tomorrow and set up an appointment for us "to talk". That's all he's asking me to do right now.

And so, although I've had shocks along the way, I've been able to handle this one thing at a time. Not thinking or worrying too much ahead. Just doing the next thing I need to do.

Before we left, I told my doctor how grateful I am for him. And I, who thought I'd be bawling when I left, was smiling. Big smile.

Thank you again, Dr. Dunlap. I wish everyone in the world had a doctor like you.


trisha said...

Go with what you know--

the tumor is gone

you are in good hands

you will make the best decision for you and your family

kenju said...

If he is the same Dr. Dunlap (and he is bound to be) I did the flowers for his daughter's wedding about 10 years ago. I was very impressed with the stories I heard about him, and he has the respect of everyone in the medical field and his neighbors. You are in good hands.

trisha said...

oh, one more for what you know--

you are loved.

gracious me, how did I leave that off the list!

mamie said...

So nice to read your comments. I feel surrounded by good people.

Gina Eaves said...

Mamie, you continue to be in my prayers. Like Trisha said, you are loved!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmwwwwa!

Greta said...

Sorry I missed this post on the 17th. You can do this. You'll make the right decisions for you. I'll be thinking of you.