Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mostly Sunny

Things are sorting themselves out here, and I'm feeling much better than before. Here's the status of things:

1. My dad is holding his own, and I'm not needing to spend as much time with him as before. Thankfully, my brother and one sister have been holding down the fort because:
2. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a very early form of breast cancer called DCIS. There is debate about whether it is actually cancer, whether more sophisticated mammographies are causing over-reactions, and how to diagnose and treat it. But I have had an ultrasound breast core biopsy (local anesthesia) and surgical biopsy (general anesthesia) to figure out what's going on. I got the good news from my surgeon this week that the cancer was confined to the tumor, that I do not a have a genetic marker for breast cancer, and that it is not in my lymph nodes. Excellent report. I may have to have radiation, but will meet with my doctor tomorrow for more details. Let me put this on the table, though: radiation freaks me out.
3. Work has simmered down some. We finally got paid by our client and this has eased the financial pressure that his non-payment had put on us. I have to say, to the credit of our company, that all of our suppliers and subcontractors expressed complete confidence in us during the process. This was gratifying.

So thanks for putting up with the mystery of my discontent and worry. I hope to be writing regularly again, with thoughtful posts and positive thoughts. I haven't been comfortable in the unhappiness.


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

Eek. Even something that might or might not be considered technically breast cancer is scary as hell.

My thoughts are with you, sweetie.

Gina Eaves said...

I agree with Virginia. You're in my prayers, Mamie!!!

Annah said...

My God you're a very brave person to be so level headed about something like that. My prayers are with you.