Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Doodly doodly do

Author Peggy Payne ( posted about doodling on her blog the other day. She states that "there's neurological evidence that doodling helps us think, solve problems, listen better, and keep better perspective." I always thought that doodling indicated that the person was bored with what was going on. Peggy suggested that I post some of my random doodles.

In getting together a few to post here, I found that sometimes my doodles are a way of visualizing on paper what is going on in the meeting or what I would like to happen as far as the topic at hand. Here is one from a discussion of the choir director:

Other random jottings were things that popped into my head about the speaker. Once, "What is he afraid of?" Another time, this:

Most of the doodles, though, are indications that I AM bored and ready for the meeting to be over. Here's one:

Any other doodlers out there willing to share their ideas on this?


Peggy Payne said...

You have very articulate doodles, Mamie. Drawings, really. Thanks for putting them up. They're fascinating. A species of found art.

mamie said...

Peggy, thanks for the suggestion. It was fun to think about.

trisha said...

I doodle when I'm bored and want distracting. I could never doodle AND listen intently to a speaker. I'm a one-track gal.

mamie said...

I think the final doodle shows what the inside of my mind looks like - going off in many different directions kerflooey-ly!

cake or something like that said...

mason jennings has a lovely song called "be here now". thought of that when i read this.

cake or something like that said...

p.s. this is your daughter. one of them, at least.