Thursday, May 15, 2008

Looking Down

I'm not all that old, just clumsy. And more than a few times I've been barrelling along and tripped. Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes I don't. So I have developed this habit of looking immediately in front of where I'm walking. This habit has an unexpected result: I find a lot of things on the ground, such as:

1. One of the stuffed animal eyes and the mirror eye
2. Two stickers that said "Eve"
3. Coins
4. A Chinese fortune cookie fortune that said I would get my heart's desire
5. Money and a tampon dropped by a girl in front of me
6. A beautiful and very large moth sitting next to a pine cone (in the middle of a parking lot)
7. The note pictured above

I have tried to train myself to look up and in the distance because my husband tells me that you can anticipate what is coming better that way. But with all those interesting things lying around on the ground and the street I'm afraid I might miss something.

1 comment:

cake or something like that said...

the note in your post, from brooklyn: mi direccion es ______. pretty much suits me, though i know that mi direccion no es brooklyn. not no mo'.