Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy day, small spaces

We're at the dock, another weekend that we're supposed to go anchor out thwarted by the wind and rain. What do I do on days like this in the very small space of the boat?

Read a book of short stories by Filipinos
Read all of last week's newspapers and work crossword puzzles, cryptoquotes, and jumbles
Read Psychology Today
Walk in the rain to the bathroom
Feel sleepy and maybe take a mid-morning nap
Listen to music and become annoyed when my husband vetoes the disco
Eat too much out of boredom
Watch a movie
Play computer

My husband's suggestion? "Maybe what we ought to do is take a long nap, look at the weather, and then go home."


billie said...

Mamie, hopefully you waited it out and are enjoying the gorgeous day that bloomed out of that early rain!

mamie said...

It continued to be a great weekend (I love rainy days, even in small spaces) - the sun came out, our friends unfurled their sails, and off we went over the Pamilico Sound. Then a pig-pickin' and band on the main street of Oriental, which everyone said was "just like the way Oriental used to be." And as the final act, something caught fire at the harbor, the town sirens went off around 3AM, and all the volunteer firemen came to town, lights and alarms blaring. Yee-hah!

MitMoi said...

Sounds "story-like" to me!

G Liz said...

I agree with Miss Mit Moi! This should have happened in our creative writing class!

I miss you, and I can't wait to see you soon!!!

mamie said...

Hmmm, story like, eh?

"It all began very innocently, just another rainy day on the boat catching up on the week's papers and puzzles. Before the sun rose on the new morning though, every volunteer fireman in the county would leap from his bed to his truck, turn on his lights and his siren, and fly to the harbor to put out the worst fire in the county's history...."

Shoot, I know how to spin 'em.