Monday, November 3, 2008


I have the most adaptable cat in the world. When people talk about finicky pets, I just laugh. Chippy will eat anything anywhere, sleep anywhere, loves being at the vet's (they love him too - they let him lie on the counter while he waits to be seen), and there isn't a mean bone in his body. He is even friends with the possum who sneaks in the garage every night, eats the cat food, and sticks his nasty face in the water.

Mostly he's an outdoor cat. He does come in at night and has his own bed in his own bedroom. Well, really it's my daughter's bedroom where he slept when she lived at home. Here he is sleeping during the day:

We used to go to a friend's house in the mountains. He raised and boarded horses and had lots of barn cats. My girls had been begging for a cat so we let them pick one out. Our friend told us that the one they chose, the one we call Chippy, had gotten his head stuck between two boards in the barn and had a steel plate in his head. We're not at all sure this is true - our friend is a tall tale teller.

But one interesting thing is that a week or so ago we re-seeded our yard. There was hay all over the ground and Chippy took to sleeping in it. I think he was getting back to his roots!

My husband is allergic to Chippy, but that doesn't stop the two of them from lying around at night watching television. I sure will be glad when the election is over and they go back to watching shoot 'em ups!

So that's my cat. Isn't he sweet?


kenju said...

He's very pretty. I love gray striped tabbies.

Allie said...

Awww...Chippy sounds like a delightful cat!! I love the pictures! He is adorable! Chippy looks a lot like our tabby cat, Katy. She's very loveable and cuddly too, but she also has moments of chasing solitude. If we try to invade on her "me-time", she gets snippy. It's pretty amusing. I love her!!

mamie said...

Kenju and Allie, Chippy was very funny this morning, standing at the door soaked to the bone from the rain. I don't know why he won't go into the garage where it's warm and dry (and he can come and go at leisure). And that's another thing about him that's un-catlike: he doesn't shy away from getting wet! Well, maybe it's because he knows when we let him in we'll wrap him in a fluffy towel and hug on him until he's dry. Yeah, that's it!

scott Burkhead said...

Mamie, I like Chippy and your post. I am also trying to reach you. Please call.

Scott B.