Sunday, November 23, 2008

A weekend in pictures

My husband's band played Friday night, and our plan was to get up Saturday and go to Bald Head. It was very cold and windy, not ideal riding the ferry weather.

But it was sunny and cozy inside.

Two of us in particular were happy to hang around the house:

We had dinner with friends last night, and today I am reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist, doing laundry, and putting off going to the gym.

An excellent weekend.


G Liz said...

I love your cat!

Your weekend sounds perfect to me as well. I didn't have much of a weekend of rest, but I'm hoping one is awaiting me near in the future.

Give your kitty a pat on the head for me!

Love ya!

Heidi said...

I love that top photo!

Peggy Payne said...

The leaves are amazing. Very Japanese.

mamie said...

Glad the leaf picture went over well, Heidi and Peggy. Let me just say it is a bit of photographic wizardry involving my husband tossing leaves outside the door in the 30 degree weather in his skivvies. What an assistant!! (I couldn't take the photo fast enough with only Mother Nature in charge!!)

billie said...

Mamie, I love the leaves too. What a lovely photo!

We have had cat bodies lounging all around the wood stove some of these cold mornings. A cat sleeping is one of my favorite and most calming images. They do it so well!!