Sunday, November 16, 2008

Much more than a Proposition

I don't usually draw your attention to youtube, preferring to inflict my own inept attempts at video (!), but I really want to share this Keith Olbermann editorial. It is about Prop 8, yes, but it is also about happiness, love, and doing what is right by your fellow man.


trisha said...

An impassioned and compelling message. Gay marriage, as you know, is close to my own heart. My brother and his guy were recently in Madrid where gay marriage is legal. That's right, Spain, heavily, historically Catholic.

Thank you for posting Mr. Olbermann's commentary and your belief in the power of love.

The Purple Panda said...

A friend of mine had posted this -- I thought his editorial was excellent.

mamie said...

Trisha, my brother-in-law, who died a few years ago of AIDS, never got to see the day when he could walk on the street with a lover. People shunned him not only because of his illness but because of his sexual preference. Things have already changed; they will continue to change.

trisha said...

I believe fear is behind many of our ills that manifest in the wretched treatment of others. If only we could learn to see beyond ourselves and our little minds... (myself included)

We live in the US, supposedly the richest, most powerful nation. Yet it's Spain, tiny by comparison and big C conservative Catholic, who has moved way beyond intolerance of gay marriage. Think about it.