Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day in Pictures

Today we moved our boat from Wrightsville Beach to Bald Head Island. I always say goodbye to Wrightsville with some sadness, but we have spent so much time at Bald Head that we think this will be a good place to be for a while.

It was an incredibly warm and beautiful day for November first. There was a sailboat regatta out of Southport.

Here is where we will be for the winter months:

Without wasting time on chores, we got a golf cart and rode to our favorite places on the island. We stopped often for pictures.

I love the view from the windows of the island chapel.

And of course, I had to get a picture of Old Baldy.

We went to Ebb and Flow's for low country boil for two. Yum yum!

The sun had already set when we left the restaurant, leaving this blood red rim to the sky.

Glad to be here. Good night!


Carmi said...

My aunt and uncle had a boat in Long Island for as long as I had known them. This entry could just as easily have been written by them: you really took me back!

Thanks to them, I grew up with a very strong connection to life on the water. So many Sunday mornings were spent going from town to town, watching the world slowly wake up from the deck while my uncle explained everything that was going on on board. Magical.

billie said...

Lovely, Mamie. I love the thought of moving the boat to a new harbor for the winter. In every way, but especially, right now, as a writing metaphor. I've moved downstairs to write, and it's being a good thing.

Allie said...

What gorgeous pictures, and what a beautiful place!! Very nice, Mamie!


Janet Roper said...

Ohhh, lovely photos. I've never been to your part of the country, so I especially enjoyed the pictures.

Kristi Mantoni said...

The last shot is wonderful! I love the lights combined with the sunset.

mamie said...

Carmi, Billie, Allie, Janet, and Kristi - thanks so much for taking the journey with me. Is anyone else feeling slightly crazy and out of sorts lately?

My word verification is "wistin" and my definition? Wasting time being wistful because you wish you had more time.

billie said...

Funny you ask, Mamie, b/c YES. But in my case I think there's a very good biological reason that has to do with age and hormones. :)