Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Calm After the Storm

I have chosen to delete my earlier rant. In order to keep myself from flying off the handle, I decided to set three conditions that had to be met in order for me to feel better about the situation. Two of them were met and exceeded my expectations.

I know without a doubt that I have been plopped into the body of Mamie to learn patience. I'm getting better - I'm employing tools that I've learned at my church (see? I'm in a better place about the church too). But sometimes it takes every ounce of self-control not to be rash in a situation. Rash behavior usually leads to remorse with me.

I'm learning, that there's a vast difference between being bold and being foolhardy.

If you visited earlier, thank you for listening. I will now return to Facebook, where I am learning alot about alot of people.


kenju said...

Facebook is very good for that, isn't it?

I did read your rant, and thought to myself that it is contrary to the folks I have known at Unity churches, but I suppose there are people there (as in other churches) who don't always "walk the walk". Hope it all goes well.

Allie said...

Ranting, like Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, is good for the soul.