Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Many people ask why I don't sell my photograph cards. Well, I do sell them. At my local book store. But only because the owner liked them and felt bad about taking so many. So now she buys them from herself!

There's no money to be made from selling the cards, really. I might recoup my expenses, but that's all. However, this is an example of what those cards are all about to me:

The book store owner and one of her managers are going to China tomorrow. They were wondering what to take for hostess gifts and I suggested that I put together a few ten-packs of the cards. She went for it.

The thought of those cards - my photographs - going to China is the most thrilling thing I can think of. Photographs of our mountains, our wildlife, our oceans and lighthouses being used by people that I've never seen, so far away. Cards that say thank you/I'm thinking of you/happy birthday/I'm sorry/get well - what money in the world could equal the thought of that? My cards sitting on desks and under magnets on refrigerators, found in drawers years later full of sentiment. That's rich, people, and I feel as excited as I ever could about a check.

I wish my friends a safe and successful trip, and am filled with gratitude that they are taking a piece of me with them.

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MitMoi said...

That is SO wonderful - I'm sure N. will love giving them - and being able to describe her home through those pictures.