Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling Groovy

Well, listen up: I'm not feeling groovy. I'm irritated with people who don't reply to emails in a timely fashion; I'm tired of wimpy people. Somebody recommended a blog on writing to me the other day, and I'm fed up with reading it because it's all about the fact that she can't get down to writing. I'm irritated at the same blogger because she uses punctuation incorrectly and can't spell. I am pre-irritated because she will probably get published!

I'm still irritated at the person who didn't write thank you notes for her wedding presents. I'm irritated because my husband goes out with friends after band practice every week but didn't want to go out with me after practice tonight.

The cat scratched the hell out of me. That ticked me off big time, especially since I had just changed the litter box. Which irritates me because I didn't want an indoor cat. I'm annoyed as hell because I like the little critter so much in spite of my aversion to taking her.

There has been a leak from a toilet in the part of our house that is sacred to me. I'm annoyed that the hole that was cut in the ceiling to figure out what was going on is still there, making my sacred space feel decidedly unsacred. And I'm anticipating an acceleration in my annoyance level because when the drywall guy comes to fix it there will be dust everywhere, and then I'll have to wait a few more weeks for the painter. Which leads me to the fact that I'm irritated that we're in the construction business, a business that sucks eggs right now, and that we always have to wait until the subcontractors are finished at our jobs before they come to our house.

I'm irritated at people who lie and people who act passive-aggressive.

I'm irritated that my monthly horoscope said tomorrow would be the worst day of the month and I'm already in a very bad state of mind.

Whew. My head hurts. And that irritates me.


Oma said...

I saw where to click to find your blog and am enjoying reading. Your irritations are irresistible -- I know that kind of week -- yet your writing opens space enough to laugh - I'm irritated that I'm holding it back, my mouth clenched

MitMoi said...

I am staying on my own side of the creek!

Let me know when the moon/your mood changes.

<3 you,


Lisa U said...

hey you're almost as mad as I am.

Tarleton said...

love you, ma. though i'm not sure what could possibly have gotten audrey to scratch a living being... hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy reading this. I hope it does not irritate you that I found joy in your irritation.