Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

I don't usually make resolutions at the beginning of a year.  I undertook my two biggest overhauls the week before Thanksgiving, because jeez, if you can stand the stress of the holidays AND change--WHOA YOU'RE AWESOME!  But this year I do have some things I'd like to undertake:

A regular exercise program that I can do at home (I have all the tools....)

A regular writing discipline (I have all the tools....)

Taking more time for myself and learning to ignore chores that need to be done (I do not have all the tools....)

One of my sisters says that I am addicted to activity.  Okay so it wasn't enough that I was addicted to booze and cigs.  Come on, addicted to activity???  I just love to be around people, learning about new things, taking advantage of what other people know and share, being wih my friends, cooking for my friends, going to church, being at the beach on the boat, meetings.  Is this addicted to activity or constantly seeking stimulation?  Is the frenzy of activity in my life a way of avoiding being alone?  I like to be alone too so I don't think that's true.

Many times when asked to do something, I have to reply that I don't have a night.  And I work during the day.  So time is a valuable commodity to me, always in short supply.  But I feel that I am living my life until I die, and if that's addicted to activity, I don't think I'll give it up quite yet. 

Happy New Year.  It's the clean slate that needs drawing on.  I think I'll start today.


MitMoi said...

Happy New Year ... as long as you have that one night free for writing, I think you're doing ok.

Funny - but as I read your list - dedicated writing time, working out, etc. I thought I'd fallen through to my own list, which I also started in November. I have New Year resolutions. But if I make them some other time, I have a better chance of "sticking to it". Funny that!

mamie said...

You know, I really don't think one night of writing is enough. Everything I read (and Angela says so too) says that you have to have a writing PRACTICE - every day. Because I'm "addicted to activity" and "have no free nights" this means that if I'm to write and exercise every day I have to get up early. NOT ME to be happy about doing anything in the early morning. But I have ordered a zen clock which will wake me up gently, and maybe, just maybe I can do it. I did note the similarities between our betterment plans!