Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random thoughts

I DID IT! I actually got up at 5:30 (yes, that is in the AM), exercised for 35 minutes, meditated for 10 minutes, and wrote for 15 minutes, saw the sun rise. The writing time flew by and I stopped in the middle of a sentence, hoping as my new writer friend said last night that I will still have it going on tomorrow morning. I smiled all the way up the stairs to begin the rest of the day.

I am now older than my mom was when she died. It's all new territory.

One of my daughters who lives in New York moved home Monday. It was a harried day - the tractor trailer couldn't park on her street so they had to go to New Jersey, get a UHaul, come back, move her stuff down four flights of stairs, take the UHaul to New Jersey and repack. Her original flight was cancelled, but she was able to book a flight that actually left earlier, and got home safely. She is sick and glad to be home in her old bed spooning with the cat.

Tomorrow is my birthday. When I was in the first grade, I couldn't wait for it to be January 17 so I could have a class party and get lots of recognition. Unfortunately, it snowed. And there was no make-up day for birthdays. I've never forgotten it - I have gotten over it though! It's supposed to snow tonight. If it does it will be the first time it's snowed on my birthday since the first grade.

My writing class started up again last night. I was worried for all the new people that they might feel left out - we're an aggressive tight knit group. I think they might've. We were especially ourselves.

Carpe the diem.

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